Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Operation Write Home

For many months now, I've been wanting to donate cards to the great organization Operation Write Home but just haven't done it.  I guess I've been a little weary about whether my cards were good enough or not.  Our hero soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, etc deserve the best to be able to send home to their loved ones.  My game needed to be stepped up a bit before I felt comfortable contributing.  Now, I think I'm ready.

If you're unfamiliar with this group of card makers, I hope you'll take the time to go look at their site.  Also check out their YouTube channel for some really incredible tutorials.  Sandy Allnock, OWH founder and president, is fun and talented beyond words.
(Some might say she's a bit goofy.  That adds tremendously to her charm, in my opinion!)
The things this gal can do with paper and ink
astonish and inspire me.

I've been working on "Thinking of you" and just general cards.  That sentiment is in short supply at the central mailing point for my section of the country according to the OWH site.  So that's where I started.  That sentiment, a few sketches, and my lovely scrap box (see note below) were my companions off and on for the past few days.....along with Pandora on my tablet.  Love my Pandora!

Here are a few photos of the assortment I sent.  It's only 25 cards to begin but I'm really happy I've started contributing.

If you're interested in doing some type of volunteer work, I urge you to look at OWH.  I truly believe the members of our military are the best in the world and this is just a little something we can do to show our gratitude.

NOTE:  I really do love my scrap box thanks to a video posted by Sandy Allnock.  And be prepared, she definitely plays the goofy bit to the hilt in this one!  But, I've followed her advice and I'm amazed by the difference it's made.

As always, I appreciate you taking a look at my ramblings and would love to read your comments.


  1. Roberta, These cards are terrific! I truly admire how much effort you have put into creating your cards and your wanting to be sure you were sharing your best work. I look forward to seeing more and hope you'll share regularly on the OWH FB wall too. I think everyone in the OWH family benefits and is inspired by seeing such nice work.

    Paula S.
    OWH Blog Team

  2. Thanks so much, Paula! I am really excited about getting started in this process and believe it's going to be an amazing journey.

  3. Hi Roberta- I see you and I have at least 2 things in common- OWH and Drunken Stampers! OWH is a really supportive place with lots of ideas, blog hops and skips and lots of really great and lovely cardmakers! Your cards are awesome and will be so appreciated by our troops! And do not worry how many you send in- I am sure you have heard Sandy talk about quality over quantity! Sometimes I have a lot to send- other times- not so many- it depends on what else is happening in my life- no worries! And Drunken Stampers- well- just a bunch of talented ladies who know how to have some fun and the challenges always make me think outside the box!! Your inchworm card stands out to me- beautifully created and so sweet! Hope to see you around at both sites! Diane

  4. Good for you doing OWH cards, Roberta! I dearly love doing cards for them and have been pretty faithful about that for more than 2 years now. I'm working on Christmas for OWH. Your cards are marvelous and I know they're going to be so appreciated. Hugs. :-D


I love reading your comments!

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