Sunday, September 1, 2013

All of the Virtual Card Making Party Challenges are now in my rear view mirror.

My very first VCMP and I did it!  All of the cards are now history and I just have one more post to do.  This post will include 2 cards due to the fact that I completely skipped over Sketch #188 that was included in this weekend's festivities.

Here is Sketch #188:

Shockingly enough, I didn't really alter this sketch.  Well, except for the fact that I added mats behind each of the banners.  This made the banners just a touch wider.  (So I guess I did alter the sketch after all.  Dang it.)  I love this sketch and foresee going back to it over and over!  Here's what I did with it:

This card and the others for Sketch #188 are found here.
I've also submitted this card here:

Retro Sketch Challenges -- #79


And, finally.  Drum roll please.  The final challenge.  Challenge #9.  This one was hosted by Donna.  She came up with the fun idea of using the negative of a die cut or punch.

I did this quite a bit last year around Christmas using the negative area of a Cricut cut but since I had already packed my cutting mat and all of the other Cricut accessories  for the day, I decided to try something new and use an EK Success punch.  It normally cuts 3 little "tickets" at the same time so I positioned it to only cut the largest 2 out of 3.  I know Kris has said she doesn't need any Birthday cards at the moment but I'm sure that can change quickly so I decided on a Bday card for this challenge.  I now have at least that one ready to roll when she says that's what is lacking in inventory.

And here it is:

This is a sad example of my indoor/at night photography and photo editing skills....or lack there of.  The colors are way off and try as I might I just couldn't get them even close to the real thing.  I apologize but this is as good as it gets.

Challenge #9 cards can be found here.

I'm so pleased that I actually completed all of the challenges this weekend.  Not too bad for a newbie.  The fact that 10 different families/friends will be receiving a card I made in the past 48 hours is tremendously gratifying.  

Happy Labor Day to all of my countrymen/women.
God bless America.


  1. Congrats on finishing your first VCMP! All of your cards are wonderful works of art and will be happily sent by a service member. Fantastic job! Are you in withdrawal?

    1. I think I may be a bit hung over....but feeling good about all of the cards that are being made this weekend. It's really exciting to see so many.

  2. Great job on the cards, Roberta! Congrats! I was also looking at your other beautiful cards using Create A Critter. I've struggled with those cuts because I don't like the facial expressions. I would have never thought to use stamps instead. Can you tell which stamps these are?

    Best Wishes,

    1. Jody, I agree completely about the faces on the Create a Critter cuts. They're okay but when I saw someone using Peachy Keen stamps on them I just fell in love. I have the Critter Faces sets in both medium and extra large. On the PK site, they even have a chart for what size to cut the various critters. They're well worth the money, in my opinion.
      Thanks for the visit and the sweet words.

    2. Thanks, Roberta - just ordered the XL set. And, they were on sale!

  3. Awesome cards! Gonna be some people happy! ~Lo

  4. Lady, you have been soooo busy! Wonderful cards all weekend long. I love the way you did the banners on this one, and the papers you chose. Remember, the measurements on the sketches are only suggestions, not commands. lol It's Ok to alter them. Love how you used the negative ticket punches, too.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I wouldn't have thought to use the sentiment in a negative but it's so cute! So glad you were able to do all the challenges. Thanks for supporting OWH and for playing along with my challenge!


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